“PDC*line Pharma offers the prospect of a high return on investments, based on clinical proof of concept in a cancer indications targeted by 2020. It also offers unique technology, applicable to any cancer type.” – Eric Halioua (President & CEO)

Company profile

PDC line Pharma 

  • Spin-off of French Blood Bank (EFS, Etablissement Français du Sang)
  • SAS founded in April 2014 in Grenoble, France
  • SA founded in June 2016 in Angleur (Liège, Belgium)


  • €50 k of founding capital
  • €4 M of non dilutive funding
  • €2.6 M of capital
  • Capital raising in progress…

Management team

  • Eric Halioua (MS, MBA),  Chief Executive Officer
  • Laurent Levy (MS, MBA), President France & Chief Operating Officer
  • Joel Plumas (PhD), Chief Scientific Officer
  • Béatrice De Vos (MD, PhD), Chief Medical Officer
  • Claude Dedry (Pharm. D), VP Pharmaceutical Operations & Quality

Board of Directors

  • Eric Halioua (MS, MBA), President
  • Laurent Levy (MS, MBA)
  • Joel Plumas (PhD)
  • Alain HERRERA (Medical oncologist)
  • Jean-Paul PRIEELS (PhD)
  • Joanna TYREKIDIS (MBA)
  • Pierre DETRIXHE, Observer


  • New class of antigen – specific active immunotherapies for cancer
  • Based on a proprietary allogeneic cell line of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells (PDC*line)
  • Target: clinical Proof of Concept by 2020

Investment opportunity

PDC*line Pharma is a unique opportunity for an attractive return on investment

  • Blooming immuno-oncology area with potential synergies and rewed interest for antigen specific active immunotherapies (as illustrated by recent industrial deals)
  • Clinical stage (Phase Ib for melanoma)
  • Breakthrough technology platform with broad IP protection and applicable to any cancer type
  • Spin-off from the EFS (French Blood Bank) with access to its R&D and GMP-compliant infrastructures
  • Team of managers and advisors with complementary academic and industrial experience
  • Proof of clinical activity by 2020