Competitive Advantages

PDC*line technology displays exceptional features:

  • PDC*line is able to prime and boost antitumor naïve and memory CD8+ T cells, in vitro and in vivo.
  • PDC*line is 20 to 200 times more potent than conventional dendritic cells (based on published in vitro experiments, see Aspord et al., 2010).
  • PDC*line is easy to produce on an industrial scale under GMP conditions, and at low cost compared with conventional dendritic-cell-based vaccines.
  • PDC*line is an off-the-shelf product, allowing treatment of a large patient population affected by the same type of cancer and guaranteeing the homogeneity of the treatment.
  • PDC*line is manufactured as a ready-to-use formulation that allows a sustainable worldwide supply chain and easy and fast administration at the bedside of the patient by healthcare professionals
  • PDC*line displays a unique mode of action, leading to the priming and expansion of antitumor CD8+ cells without the induction of allogeneic rejection. Therefore, it can be reinjected several times to further boost the patient's antitumor immune response.

An overview of the competitive advantages of PDC*vac compared with conventional therapeutic cancer vaccines is presented in the following table.

Scalable & convenient

PDC*vac is an off-the-shelf highly qualified and standardized product, which has a much lower production cost and is more convenient to produce, control, develop and commercialize than conventional autologous DC-based immunotherapies. A standardized product can be used to treat all HLA-A2+ patients with the same cancer type.

Potent & effective

The potency of PDC*vac and its expected superior efficacy are due to 2 essential features:

  • PDC*line: Ex vivo studies have shown (Aspord, PlosOne 2010) that PDC*line much more potently induced specific cytotoxic T cell expansion than conventional DCs (20 times more potent than autologous DCs, and 200 times more potent than allogeneic DCs, that may be affected by disease and previous treatments).
  • Multi-specific active immunotherapy: PDC*vac is an active immunotherapy targeting several well-expressed tumour antigens which improve tumour targeting, thus limiting the risk of tumour escape.

Versatile & applicable to any cancers

PDC*vac is easy and rapid to develop a new candidate for any type of cancer. To change the target tumour, all that is required is to adapt the tumour peptides loaded.